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Electrozippy FTP distributes music to radio DJs, radio programmers, club DJs and professional DJs around the world. The music is received directly from the record labels, and then the Electrozippy staff ensures that all content is high quality and DJ-ready. Our staff uploads all of the newest music every day.

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Getting Premium Membership and using Private FTP guarantees your personal and professional privacy.Your downloading activities or personal data are kept securely and will never be abused.

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Electrozippy provides only super quality materials that have passed our Quality Control check. This means full 320 Mbps tracks quality, ID3 tags and metadata ready, cover image included. This refers to all the materials since 2009 until today!

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Electrozippy’ Private FTP Server-known as the largest digital record pool. Dating since 2009, contains a massive library of electronic music that is being updated daily. The Private FTP Server is your tool to preview, organize and download music.


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